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2017-03-10English2 new books are available in English

2017-01-31EnglishDownload Krishnmaurti'sTeachings in audio (+500 hours)

To download a torrent you need first to install a software for exemple qtorrent available here for all platforms: https://www.qbittorrent.org/download.php

If you prefer a direct link to download it : https://mega.nz/#!G8FDELZJ!eDWc22EQ9eo8Z_3w78GyKb8p6wCfnuCMoXYhTbQBmw0

If you experience difficulty to download it, this link can help you: https://mega.nz/#help/client/webclient/cloud-drive/are-there-any-file-size-limits-on-mega


A newsletter in now available for subscription here

2016-10-20English7 new books are available in English


The About page of the website is now available.

2016-05-19EnglishDownload all ebooks in one archive

All e-books are now packaged in one archive and available on the book page

2016-05-10EnglishNew Rss feed

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